SDCC: Marking 20 Years of ‘The X-Files’

As our readers are probably aware, there was a twentieth anniversary panel for The X-Files at San Diego Comic-Con this past Thursday. We here at Apt. 42 Revisited are admittedly a bit bummed that we couldn’t be at the event, but we had a chance to watch one of the better videos seen above.

A good chunk of the panel, while a wonderful trip down memory lane, was a bit of the same-old. Fans wanted to know more about Mulder and Scully. Was a sex scene ever filmed? (Apparently, yes. It’s out there somewhere, according to Gillian Anderson). What would a real date between the two characters be like? Whatever happened to their son, William? (At this, writer John Shiban encouraged his son, who played baby William and still has Scully-esque red hair, to come out onstage.)

Regardless, the panel shows how much of a lasting impact the show wound up having on fans, the cast and crew alike. Though creator Chris Carter seemed a bit subdued at times, the interactions between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were a delight to watch. A number of writers graced the stage, from Glen Morgan and James Wong (of Morgan and Wong), to Vince Gilligan, who credits his time on The X-Files for teaching him what he needed to know for future projects like the acclaimed Breaking Bad. And the panel even featured the somewhat reclusive Darin Morgan, writer of classic comedic episodes like “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” and wearer of the Flukeman suit — a bit of a surprise, at least to me.

Watching the video, it was a bit thrilling to see how much of a positive impact the role of Dana Scully has had on female Philes. A fan named Becky stood up during the Q&A saying that Scully’s own background as a physics major inspired her to do the same and pursue a PhD. Anderson herself spoke of incidents where women, some of which followed a similar path, talked to her about the character’s influence on them. For all the talk about “little green men,” it’s clear that The X-Files has seriously influenced everyday reality for a number of folks.

Watch the video above if you haven’t already, and let us know what you thought about the reunion.


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