The Paley Center: The Truth Is Here

Yesterday, as part of a flurry of activity this weekend that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson participated in regarding the series was a discussion held at the Paley Center for Media in midtown Manhattan. Moderated by Time Out New York staff writer Keith Uhlich, our dynamic duo spent over an hour reminiscing, showing clips, and answering questions from fans in the audience.

Sadly, despite a valiant effort to obtain tickets to see this event, the staff here at Apt. 42 Revisited were unable to seal the deal. Having now watched the event via archived video, we now know the reason why. The event sold out extremely fast, in five minutes, and was completely booked during the Paley members only exclusivity window. The general public (which included both of us) never even had a chance. A bummer for sure.

Despite this, watching the event itself was a real joy, and even after all these years (and perhaps moreso now) David and Gillian have this wonderful rapport and chemistry which is quite infectious. Keith covered a lot of ground with the two of them, from their first meeting on the Fox lot during auditions to the lead up to the second film and possibilities for the future.

Some interesting tidbits:
*Both Cynthia Nixon and Jill Hennessy were in contention to play Scully, and Gillian was even friends with Jill at the time and had to play dumb when she locked up the role driving Jill home one day.

*Darin Morgan was a topic of conversation, from his role as Flukeman in “The Host” to his writing of the episodes “Humbug,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” and “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.” David commented on his superlative scripts which have a certain sui generis (his words).

*Hilarity abounded, from Duchovny’s red Speedos to Magnetite to what exactly Mulder and Scully gave each other in “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.” For those playing at home, most likely porn (for Mulder) and a vibrator (for Scully).

*There was a good portion discussing the roles both David and Gillian took on in the series outside of acting, primarily writing and directing “The Unnatural” and “all things.”

Go ahead and watch the whole thing (while it lasts) and feel free to comment below, and we wish a very happy birthday to Chris Carter.


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