Dispatch from New York Comic Con

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson at New York Comic Con on Oct. 13, 2013. (Radhika Marya)

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson at New York Comic Con on Oct. 13, 2013. (Radhika Marya)

It was a very auspicious 10/13 indeed at New York Comic Con this Sunday, when Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reunited on stage to discuss their time on The X-Files. The event kicked off on a cheery note with Duchovny taking a moment to take a video of the audience singing happy birthday to series creator Chris Carter — and it wound up ending on another happy (and poignant) note when a fan took a moment to propose to his girlfriend with the stars’ “blessing.” Adorable, right?

In all honesty, the panel featured much of what fans have come to expect ever since the two stars have been holding mini reunions to mark the show’s twentieth anniversary. Female fans expressed their appreciation of Scully as an inspirational figure in the sciences. By the end, someone willingly bid $700 for a t-shirt worn by Anderson (in all fairness, the proceeds were for charity). And a strange attendee kept prompting Anderson to ask about his nipples. Going back to the show, though: There were the usual reflections on both the absurd and sublime aspects of the series, with Duchovny poking a bit of fun: “I think we were horrible FBI agents,” he said, pointing out that they never actually solved a case. And while talking about some of the weirder things that happened to them while filming, he was quick to say, “Snakes, I think I had snakes in my pants once.”

It was ultimately the banter (of course) that was a total win — the audience was charmed and laughing almost non-stop, along with the stars, who didn’t hesitate to call each other out for rambling or spouting nonsense. “What the f— are you talking about?” Anderson laughed when Duchovny went on a particularly unclear tangent. Duchovny later returned the favor by tapping rather painstakingly on Anderson’s mic when she started getting a bit heavyhanded in response to an audience member’s question.

But despite the quips and the occasional naughty moment, the one thing that wasn’t lost — on audience and The X-Files stars alike — was the impact the series has had on both pop culture and people’s lives. Taking a break from the dry humor for a bit, Duchovny took a moment to sincerely thank the fans. And while there were some references to keeping the characters as separate from themselves, even as the show become a global phenomenon, the actors did have some warm words about the Mulder and Scully relationship. As Duchovny put it while discussing the second film in the series: “It was weird to be Mulder, but it wasn’t weird to be Mulder and Scully.”

I’ve included some video I took at the panel, below, with segments shot during the Q&A session. In one, the actors discuss the series’ end. In the other, they improv a scene as Mulder and Scully. Enjoy!

Talking About the Series’ End

Mulder and Scully Improv


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