My First Time: Close Encounters Of An Irreverent Kind

Welcome to “My First Time,” a recurring section on the blog where we query fellow X-Philes about how they came to the show, and then later on how their fandom developed and evolved over the years.

Case File: HD081814
Subject: Holly Dubin

We continue our series by interviewing Holly, a friend I’ve known since we were very little, growing up together. I share her wry observations here.

Duchovny On Twin Peaks

That’s what she said.

Max: Ok, so here we go. What was the first episode you remember seeing?

Holly: I actually watched the Pilot even though I was only in third grade because I couldn’t wait for it to air.

Max: Oh wow, that is pretty hardcore! How did you hear about the show then? Ads on television?

Holly: Yeah, I was probably watching The Simpsons or something.

Max: Compared to you I was a late-comer, only discovering it during the second season. What excited you about the show and kept you coming back for more?

Holly: It was dark, it had aliens, it had an incredibly attractive leading man, plus Scully was a scientist and at the time, I wanted to be a scientist. Also, my dad was into it and I was pretty much into anything that he was into.

Max: I have fond memories of your parents and hanging out at your house. Right now on the blog we are preparing to discuss Fight The Future, the big feature film, and for me, I first saw it at the old Amboy Cinemas when my parents took me after your Bat Mitzvah party. You probably saw it as soon as could too, right? How pumped were you to see our heroes on the big screen?

Holly: Yes! I saw it the next day! It was the greatest birthday gift of all time to have this film be released on my birthday and celebration of my passage into womanhood.

Max: I bet David Duchovny had a lot to do with that, LOL.

Holly: They should have had a separate projector just for close-ups of his beautiful face.

Max: Indeed. Both of them were just so darn hot at that time. How obsessive was your fandom though, did you collect memorabilia? Write deeply idiosyncratic fanfiction?

Holly: I have matching Mulder and Scully action figures from Fight The Future, still in the box. I did write a little X-Files fanfiction which eventually merged with my Animorphs fanfiction which eventually turned into a crazy space orgy.

Max: That sounds pretty wild. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you get an opportunity to meet Dean Haglund?

Holly: No, I never met him but I was friends with him on MySpace and he posted a Christmas greeting to my page once. I also follow him on Facebook and sometimes listen to his moviemaking podcast.

Max: Ah I must be misremembering. Could’ve sworn I saw a photo of you guys together, must be my alien implant acting up! After the movie, the show began to enter its late period, and then David left the show. Did you stick with the program throughout or did you lose interest?

Holly: I watched it for a little while until it became clear that the Mulder issue was not going to be revisited for some time so I mostly checked out but stayed updated on major plot progressions via the web.

Max: True, a lot of people began checking out by that point. I think though that the second film did a lot to stir people’s interest in the show again. When did you actively engage in your own X-Files nostalgia trip? When did you come back around to watching old episodes of the show?

Holly: Even before the show actually ended I had a few classics on VHS that I bought in the mall. I always watched reruns. In 2007 I bought the first four seasons on DVD but they got destroyed in a (not my) house fire.

Max: That must’ve been heartbreaking.

Holly: Devastating.

Max: Things seem to brewing on The X-Files front again, with the Season 10 comics, the 20th anniversary celebration, and persistent rumors of a third film. I’m sure you are itching to see Mulder and Scully back on the big screen.

Holly: I’m curious but I don’t expect much, honestly. So far, both of their attempts to transition the show to the big screen have been unimpressive and if it means Mulder and Scully continuing their romantic relationship, well, I think that should have stayed a fantasy.

Max: You and Radhika share that sentiment! Any final thoughts about the show before we go?

Holly: I think that I connected so deeply with this show because it was about belief versus fact versus what people told you to believe as fact. I had a natural tendency to question everything around me and the perfect compromise to all of these conflicting philosophies was “I want to believe.” So it made me feel like there was a righteousness to asking questions, I felt like they were on my side.

Max: That’s what I think drew a lot of people to the show, and to these characters. Thanks for taking the time out to talk about it!

Holly: Anytime! Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts on this beloved subject matter.


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