My First Time: Passing the Torch

Welcome to “My First Time,” a recurring section on the blog where we query fellow X-Philes about how they came to the show, and then later on how their fandom developed and evolved over the years.

Case File: JAM022116
Subjects: Josh and Molly


This is definitely not the body of Ray Soames!

Before the new episodes premiered, the official X-Files Facebook and Twitter accounts held a “201 Days of The X-Files” rewatch campaign, an episode a day until “My Struggle” aired on our television screens after waiting through agonizing post-game football coverage. It was the perfect time for many longtime fans to get their friends and family into a show that was and is a part of their lives.

My good friend Josh recently told me that he has been getting is 13-year-old daughter into the show, and I thought it a nice opportunity to bring back our “My First Time” segment, with this unique multi-generational wrinkle.

Max: Do you remember the first episode you watched?

Josh:Darkness Falls.” First one, didn’t know anything, I was blown away. It was Friday night, and I convinced all my friends to sit down and watch it instead of going out. We were all in college, sophomore year I believe, and we made a ritual to watch it before going out for the night.

Max: Kinda like Miami Vice in the 1980s, where people purposefully stayed in on Friday to watch.

Josh: The X-Files was the first show that felt like it was geared to my generation. And it created this whole zeitgeist and brought UFO phenomena into mainstream pop culture for years.

Max: Do you think there was something that drew you to the show? Were you big into science fiction?

Josh: Not hardcore into it, but I really liked the The Twilight Zone, Stephen King books. But I was into UFO stuff so it was up my alley.

Max: After you caught up with the rest of the first season, it was appointment television for you?

Josh: Yeah. In fact, it might have been only show at the time that I did that for.

Max: Which leads me to this question: Did you become a merch-and-memorabilia obsessed X-Phile?

Josh: Not particularly, but there is this box set I really like. First off, The X-Files started coming out on VHS back then, they had those trading cards in them. And to my knowledge The X-Files was one of the first shows on DVD. I collected all sets, all the seasons up to season seven.

Max: Mirroring some people’s experience of the show stopping at season seven.

FTF BoxsetJosh: I also have that box set of Fight the Future with the script on red paper. And some of the comics books which weren’t really that good. And of course I “collected” a love for Gillian Anderson.

Max: Who doesn’t love Gillian? She’s amazing. One of the main things is that fans really took a hold on the Internet, were you part of that?

Josh: Not particularly. I was an English major, busy reading and writing a lot, back then Internet was for me not something that existed, and by the time boards came out I was kind of out on the show.

Max: Obviously Josh you and I have talked about The X-Files for years and I know you’ve followed this blog. Either of you can answer, but for Molly was it more of a rite of passage thing that you gave to her Josh or Molly did you figure things out on your own?

Molly: So I needed a new TV show, and my dad, he told me about it. At first I thought it looked silly, but I watched the pilot and I really liked it.

Max: What attracted you to the show?

Molly: I like that it is science fiction and mystery at the same time, and I love the two main characters.

Max: So the pilot was your first episode then, correct?

Molly: Yep,

Max: How far are you in the series?

Molly: Right now I am on season two, episode three.


Molly: Yeah, “Blood.”

Max: Season two really takes the show to a new level, you really take off from there. Classic Vancouver years. Molly, have you interacted with other X-Files fans? I know it is hard to go on the internet without running into spoilers.

Molly: I haven’t, but tried to get some of my friends on board, but they thought it was silly.

Max: Have you guys been watching episodes together?

Josh: I haven’t really been watching every episode with her, but if there is a title coming up that I really liked I make a point of seeing it with her.

Max: Josh, do you find that there are some ideas and messages in the show that are worth passing to and discussing with Molly?

Josh: Trust no one! Kidding aside, sometime we talk about politics, and I find it useful to discuss stuff like that through the lens of The X-Files or something like that, since those are the kind of ideas you are exposed to on the show.

Max: Thank you guys for sharing a bit of your X-Files fandom, and Molly I hope you continue to like and love the show!


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