3×10: 731

“What I am saying, Mulder, is that there is no such thing as alien abduction. It is just a smoke screen, happily created by our government to cover up the biggest lie of all.”
— Dana Scully

In the second part of a two-episode series, Mulder pursues a dangerous adventure on a train that may be carrying an alien-human hybrid, while Scully digs deeper into the truth behind her abduction.

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Radhika: The drama of “Nisei” continues in “731” as Mulder finds himself ensnared in a dangerous journey, while Scully digs deeper into understanding the “truth” and possibly finding information that may unravel everything Mulder has believed to be real.

When we last saw Mulder, he was jumping onto a moving train to look for an alien-human hybrid, conveniently losing his cell phone and a link to Scully in the process. He manages to enter the train on the hunt for Japanese scientist Dr. Shiro Zama. He does find some journals, written in Japanese, and meanwhile, another sinister character (who claims to be from the NSA) strangles Zama elsewhere on the train.

Scully, encouraged by X to look further into her implant to better understand what’s happening on the train — and also find out more about her sister’s murder — winds up enlisting more help from Agent Pendrell, who tells her the implant contains advanced technology that can help someone know a person’s thoughts. This leads her to a West Virginia compound, where she meets a group of deformed patients who have escaped “death squads.” (We encounter some of these mass murders in the episode teaser.) Continue reading


3×09: Nisei

“Oh, my God. She’s one.” – Penny Northern
“One what?” – Dana Scully
“One of us.” – Lottie Holloway

Trying to locate the source of a bizarre videotape, Mulder and Scully find themselves again embroiled in conspiracy. While Mulder goes hunting for EBEs, Scully’s journey comes to some surprising revelations…


20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Max: In 1995, I have vivid memories of one summer night when Fox aired a special called Alien Autopsy: Fact Or Fiction, which featured footage of a purported autopsy of an extraterrestrial biological entity. Grainy and in stark black and white, the film terrified the hell out of my ten-year-old self. If you recall, it was only a few months prior when I watched my first episode of The X-Files, so I was fully enthralled by all of this skullduggery. The special was one of the sources of inspiration for this episode, so biographically it fits that the two-parter that kicks off with “Nisei” is the earliest mythology episode I recall seeing on Friday nights.

Plunking down $29.95 plus shipping for the privilege, Mulder shows Scully a riff on that alien autopsy footage (a point that Scully ribs Mulder with in a moment of meta-humor). However, this one ends with a black ops unit invading the autopsy suite before the tape suddenly cuts off. If curiosity killed the cat, then the investigation into the circumstances of this tape is going to put the Fox [Mulder] and his faithful companion into yet another fix. Continue reading