7×21: Je Souhaite

“The only thing you people are cursed with is stupidity. All of you. Everybody. Mankind. Everyone I have ever come into contact with without fail. Always asking for the wrong thing.” — Jenn

Be careful what you wish for Mulder and Scully. When a case involves an honest-to-goodness genie, you might just get it.

Je Souhaite

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Max: Vince Gilligan has been quoted as saying that the seventh season of The X-Files is one of his favorites, by the sheer dint of its relish for radical experimentation. We spoke a lot about how the desire to tinker with the formula of the show informed the season prior, but not a whole lot about the season that we are about to wrap up coverage on. The frequent refrain for us has been disappointment followed by ways this could’ve been better or if they would’ve just focused on that then we would have an improved episode. Admittedly, even though Radhika and I have beat up on the show this season, I can somewhat see Gilligan’s point, even though I believe that his biases are showing through in those statements. “Je Souhaite,” an episode penned and directed by Gilligan himself, is a late-season rally, and one of the best episodes I’ve rewatched in a long time.

Anson Stokes is a layabout employee of a self storage facility with aspirations for the good life, so when he finds a female genie wrapped up in a carpet while cleaning out a deadbeat’s storage unit, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot. Unfortunately for him, he foolishly squanders his first two wishes on the unnecessary (shutting his boss up for good) and the utterly impractical (a giant yacht right in the middle of flyover country). When the beleaguered boss asks for our agent’s help after surgeons are utterly baffled by his condition, things just go from bad to worse for Stokes and his wheelchair bound brother Leslie. Continue reading