3×21: Avatar

“Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s why Skinner’s running. He’s afraid.” – Fox Mulder
“That he did it?” – Dana Scully
“That he doesn’t know he didn’t do it.” – Fox Mulder

Mulder and Scully set out to investigate the murder of a woman in a upscale hotel room, but the police already seem to have their man, Assistant Director Walter Skinner.


20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Max: The genesis of this episode was an idea that David Duchovny had of making an episode focusing on AD Skinner, as a way to lighten his own workload on the program in order to film his part in the infamous Red Shoe Diaries softcore erotica film series. Howard Gordon of the writing and production staff then wrote the episode based on a story he and David developed.

Skinner, after refusing to sign the final papers for his divorce (yes, he’s married!!!), goes to a hotel bar and is picked up by a very flirty blonde who he then proceeds to go to bed with. Asleep, he gets a bizarre nightmare of an old decrepit woman and is shaken awake by this vision, only to discover his blonde fling dead right next to him, her neck snapped in two. Continue reading