4×13: Never Again

“So what? Why do you want to cover it? Listen friend, everyone gets tattoo they deserve.” – Comrade Svo

Jodie Foster… as you’ve never heard her before!!!

Never Again

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Max: Radhika came up with that above trailer-speak, and it’s actually a pretty damn good (and funny) way to sum up this episode, if only we were talking about the surface of things. Underneath, this outing is one of more psychologically complex offerings the series has done to date, a referendum of sorts on the professional and personal relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, absolutely teeming with allegory and symbolism.

As I mentioned in the review of “Leonard Betts,” the occasion of the Super Bowl caused the producers to switch the order of that episode and this one, which in my opinion serves to strengthen the impact of “Never Again.” Scully’s cancer as a result is not mentioned or referred to here, but with her stepping outside of her usual routine and engaging on her own sort of self rediscovery, it can be argued that her motivations could be read as a reaction to that profound discovery. Continue reading