My First Time: Passing the Torch

Welcome to “My First Time,” a recurring section on the blog where we query fellow X-Philes about how they came to the show, and then later on how their fandom developed and evolved over the years.

Case File: JAM022116
Subjects: Josh and Molly


This is definitely not the body of Ray Soames!

Before the new episodes premiered, the official X-Files Facebook and Twitter accounts held a “201 Days of The X-Files” rewatch campaign, an episode a day until “My Struggle” aired on our television screens after waiting through agonizing post-game football coverage. It was the perfect time for many longtime fans to get their friends and family into a show that was and is a part of their lives.

My good friend Josh recently told me that he has been getting is 13-year-old daughter into the show, and I thought it a nice opportunity to bring back our “My First Time” segment, with this unique multi-generational wrinkle.

Max: Do you remember the first episode you watched?

Josh:Darkness Falls.” First one, didn’t know anything, I was blown away. It was Friday night, and I convinced all my friends to sit down and watch it instead of going out. We were all in college, sophomore year I believe, and we made a ritual to watch it before going out for the night. Continue reading


1×20: Darkness Falls

“Get the impression that we’ve walked into the middle of a war that’s already started?”
– Dana Scully

Our heroes decide to take a nice trip to the forest, but instead come face to face with a swarm of apparently hundreds-of-years-old insects, hungry and with a score to settle…

Darkness Falls

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Max: “Darkness Falls” is a better episode that I have given it credit for over the years. Yes, the idea of tiny insects being able to swarm and cocoon human beings thousands of times their size is a bit on the ridiculous side, and the special effects used to manifest them laughably outdated by today’s standards, but the tension of what might happen when the sun sets is palpable and works effectively here. Chris Carter, not necessarily known for writing the best episodes of his show, does a bang up job here. And for once, the real world issues that are brought into this episode work to our benefit.

After a logging company loses contact with a group of its employees and a Forest Service team sent into investigate disappear as well, Mulder and Scully are put on the case. Continue reading