4×19: Synchrony

“So what you’re saying here is the old man is …” – Dana Scully
“Jason Nichols. Although common sense may rule out the possibility of time travel, the laws of quantum physics certainly do not. In case you forgot, that’s from your graduate thesis. (smiling at her) You were a lot more open-minded when you were a youngster.”
– Fox Mulder

Our agents look into the case of a cryobiologist accused of murdering a colleague, but the truth may be stranger than science fiction.


20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Max: It is somewhat appropriate that with all the talk of lost time in the preceding two-part mythology episodes that we come to this MOTW episode, as The X-Files dives head first into the well-traversed waters of time travel. While Mulder has thrown out the concept as an off-the-cuff possibility to explain previous cases (most notably bringing up the Philadelphia Experiment in “Død Kalm“), this is the only episode until now to deal with the concept directly. And for a piece of fiction that came out before the hard sci-fi of the 2004 film Primer made accuracy a virtual prerequisite for the genre, the episode teases enough plausible mechanics (and limits the scope of travel) to where it doesn’t distract from telling a cogent story.

The story begins with two academics arguing about possible falsified research when an old man attempts to warn them about a dangerous street and that one of them will be killed at 11:46. A campus police officer apprehends the old man, but one of the academics named Jason Nichols begins to see these ravings come true and tries to stop his colleague Lucas from getting run over by a bus. But he fails to do so, and the bus driver claims Jason pushed Lucas. Continue reading