4×16: Unrequited

“I think he can hide himself from human sight by manipulating something that Scully has referred to as naturally occurring — a blind spot.” — Fox Mulder

Our agents try to stop a seemingly invisible killer who is targeting several U.S. Army generals.

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

20th Century Fox via Chrisnu

Radhika: Well, here’s another episode that proves my theory about the unevenness of season four. It appears that there’s about one episode per season that not only isn’t particularly good, it also barely manages to hold my attention — and this is that episode for me in this season. (Incidentally, this has happened to me with other soldier/revenge-themed episodes of The X-Files, which leads me to believe that these types of stories just never ended up being well executed on this show.)

The teaser is actually somewhat compelling: A General Bloch is at the National Mall, giving a speech to veterans of the Vietnam War. Mulder, Scully and Skinner are on the prowl, looking for a potential gunman. The scene closes with Mulder spotting the guy and taking out his gun — but the man disappears, while the weapon still remains pointed at the panicked crowd. Continue reading